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Pawpaw Passion Chia Cups

Pawpaw Passion Chia Cups

Some mornings call for a refreshing and uplifting breakfast. I like to make these cups the night before for a quick grab-and-go in the morning. These are great for breakfasts, brunches or a coffee mornings because they feel like an indulgent treat but actually, you can’t get much healthier than this.


1 cup sweet, ripe but firm paw paw, cubed

2 passion fruits, each cut in half making 4 halves

2 cups natural or greek yoghurt

8 tbsp chia seeds

4 tsp honey

2 limes, juiced



  1. Mix the yoghurt, chia seeds, honey and lime juice in a bowl until well combined. You can add more honey or lime depending on how sweet or tart you want this to be. Set aside to thicken slightly – about 2 minutes.
  2. While that is set aside, divide the paw paw evenly between four low-ball glasses and place some paw paw at the bottom of each glass.
  3. Now spoon the yoghurt chia mixture evenly into 4 glasses (about ½ cup each) and layer the yoghurt on top of the paw paw.
  4. Using a spoon to loosen the seeds, tip the contents of one passion fruit half over each glass.
  5. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and serve.


Serves 4. This is great for a light breakfast, or as a healthy snack during the day. I also make this in a jam jar when I need to take my breakfast on the road with me.


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